1. Begin Project 3 (see the steps below) which has two deliverables: a personal branding statement and your newly created — or recently revised — LinkedIn profile. Project 3 should be completed by Tues., April 30.Project 3 (“Designing Your Professional Presence”) has four steps to follow:Step 1: Engage in analysis and reflection. In other words, consider your career goals and also what you are comfortable sharing publicly prior to creating (or revising) your LinkedIn profile.Step 2: Create a positive personal branding statement. The official directions state that your statement can be up to 200 words, but I think a better range is 33 to 85 words — as illustrated in the samples (see attached and follow this formatting). Nonetheless, I will accept personal branding statements of 86 to 200 words if they are well written.


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Extraordinary Leader- Personifies excellence through sustained performance. In the past 12 years I’ve
had the challenge to lead Sailors, Soldiers, Marines, government employees, and foreign national
employees. Recognized in 2009 onboard the amphibious warship USS Ashland as Sailor of the Year.
Consistently performed demanding duties in an exemplary and highly professional manner. In 2010, I
was awarded the Navy and Marine Corp Achievement Medal during Haitian Humanitarian relief efforts.
During my 2015 combat deployment onboard the U.S. Carrier, Harry S. Truman, received an
achievement medal in support of operation inherent resolve. Demonstrating outstanding abilities as
leading Petty Officer in a high tempo Medical department. These experiences has shaped and molded
my mind and increased my sense of awareness to my staff and their needs. In turn, helping me to
become an effective leader.
Personal Branding Statements
I found these examples of personal branding statements online at:
Note that the samples are 33 to 85 words in length – plus the person’s name – so
please keep your personal branding statement within those limits. (The official directions
allow the personal branding statement to be as long as 200 words, so I will accept one
this long if it is well written.)
Please use the same style: a short description in boldface type followed by a “hook”
and a few concise sentences summarizing your professional experience; then give your
name and city/state – and use Anywhere, USA if you wish to retain your privacy.
Save your personal branding statement in a Word document (with a .doc or .docx
extension) that you will upload in your LEO “Assignments” folder.
I put the “hook” in red to highlight it. You do not need to use red to highlight your
hook, but you should have one (if you wish to “exceed” expectations). The hook
should be a general statement that engages your reader. If you want to put the hook in
red for this assignment, that’s fine; just don’t do it on your actual LinkedIn page or
Have fun!
P.S. The last example is my very own personal branding statement. ☺
Whiz of a Sales Executive: I was born knowing to sell the sizzle, not the steak. An
executive risk taker, I drive business to the next level. Application of enthusiastic
confidence generates new customers and competitively positions products. I
consistently overcome obstacles and generate product loyalty while increasing
company’s profits and global market recognition.
Kathleen Marshall, NRWA — Medford, N.J.
Turnaround Ace: I rescue troubled companies. I have a documented track record
of business development, operational planning, and leadership. My ability to find
solutions that lead to success, foster team cohesion, pursue excellence, and work
with a high degree of integrity has become my brand. In one case, I led a company
through unparalleled growth and success, increasing revenue from $30 million to
$60 million. In another, managed significant software changeover/upgrade for more
accurate and timely processing of accounting functions, inventory reports, and
financial statements.
Sheri K. Czar, CPRW — Lake Oswego, Ore.
This one could have been improved with a hook!
Helpful Career Coach: I leverage my avid love of learning and mastery of online
technology to facilitate career management for trend-setting professionals who
strive to be dynamic and high achieving in their business.
Kristen A. Jacoway, CRC, CPRW, CCC, CPBS — Seneca, S.C.
Career Management Natural: Before I moved into the trenches of actually
experiencing the workplace or studying its dynamics, I successfully — but informally
— advised legions of friends on their career choices. Now, after gaining HR
generalist employment in the allied health field and completing the HR certificate
program at the University of Lowell, I realize that the ability to guide individuals in
career management issues comes naturally to me.
Gail Frank, NCRW, CPRW, JCTC, CEIP — Tampa, Fla.
Teacher Who Uses Appealing Learning Technique: As a dedicated educator, I
stimulate curiosity and make learning approachable and rewarding for all students. I
implement a unique teaching technique that successfully addresses individualized
learning variables by incorporating sight, written, and hearing applications in all
material presentations. I get good outcomes: Improved test results by 50% and
decreased student drop-out rates by 25%.
Kathleen Marshall, NRWA — Medford, N.J.
Change Agent in Human Affairs: As a catalyst for positive change, I have a
history of engaging board and staff members to generate new ideas and increase
overall performance. I am adept at establishing policies, procedures, and
technologies to enhance efficiency, financial health, and service to organize
constituents. I enjoy building and strengthening strategic alliances. My passion is to
guide nonprofits, specifically those focused on youth empowerment, to achieve new
Tamara Dowling, CPRW, MCRS — Valencia, Calif.
This one could have been improved with a hook!
Super Science Marketing Specialist: Recognized for 20+ years of success in
linking science-based achievements with decisive market leadership to build highperformance organizations with significant financial rewards. Led strategic and
operational breakthroughs in proactive health informatics and communications
technologies, evidence-based prevention and care management products, and costeffective healthcare delivery systems. Pioneer in wellness and prevention programs,
disease management and population health.
Wendy Enelow, CCM, MRW, JCTC, CPRW — Coleman Falls, Va.
Multi-Talented MBA Faculty Member: I love a new challenge! For the last 15
years, I’ve taught online for a well-respected university and was recognized with our
school’s highest teaching award in 2014. I’m the author of our school’s alma mater
and have held various elected positions in our shared governance organizations. My
professional experience also includes face-to-face teaching, technical writing and
consulting (in HR and marketing) for large and small companies in the U.S. and for
a startup in China.
Susan C. Malone, PhD – Jacksonville, Fla.

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