1.According to Valeria Luiselli inTell Me How It Ends,the U. S., Mexico and the Central Americangovernments involved ought to do more to help the children fleeing violence in Mexico andCentral America. What reasons does she give for her position. How do these reasons align or aresupported by a utilitarian, a Kantian and an Ethics of Care? 2.Offering Asylum to people in need seems to be directly connected to an ethics of care applied at an international or global level. It could also be connected to an ethics of justice (one thatfocuses on justice and more connected with Kant). Which is Luiselli’s approach? Does she mixboth approaches or does she keep them separate? Explain things Valeria Luiselli’s says that wecould see as following an ethics of care and things she says that we could see as following anethics of justice

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