*********************All Work must be original*************Imagine that your Learning Team is the planning unit in your local police department. The chief of police has told you that a philanthropist in town is considering giving a $250,000 grant to a worthy cause in the department. The chief has charged your team with deciding how, when, and where that money will be spent. You need to give a specific breakdown in describing how much you will spend for specific items in your budget. Do not say something like, “we will buy $250,000 worth of widgets.”Create a detailed proposal that includes an executive summary of your budget plan. You must also prepare a PowerPoint presentation on your proposal.
The proposal must be between 1,050 and 1,400 words.
The presentation must include 12 to 15 slides.
Format your proposal consistent with APA guidelines, and include a minimum of three peer-reviewed sources no older than 10 years and published in the United States to support your proposal. You must also include a minimum of two additional sources that may or may not be peer-reviewed. In order to comply with APA guidelines, this proposal is a traditionally formatted academic paper; it is not an outline or a narrative. Also, there can be no “I” in a team paper; first person is prohibited in academic papers. All paper formatting tools such as Riverpoint Writer or reference generators must be removed prior to submission. Fonts must be Arial or Times New Roman, 10pt or 12pt.
The Executive Summary is a part of the proposal; it is not a separate document.
All team members must participate in the presentation.

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