1 page for each PART ONE1. Pick one of the following three topics and write a 300-word essay on the topic you select.2. Topics to choose from:a. Explain New Power and its implication to the practice of leadershipb. Explain why teams are the most common way that works gets done and its implication to the practice of leadershipc. Explain Contingency/Situational Leadership and select a leadership style (chapter 5) that you believe would be the most effective – defend your choice3. In particular, I am looking for…An explanation of the concept(s) using material we have covered in class or drawn from the text; feel free to use additional material and/or research (with references to sources as needed)Your insight into the topic backed by a logical explanation – examples, data, reflectionPoints will be deducted for essays under 300 words. There is no maximum length.PART TWOPlease read the following case (A GOOD TEAM PLAYER) and answer the three questions which follow it.A GOOD TEAM PLAYERHaving done well in his job as a staff accountant in the accounts payable department of a major industrial firm for several years since his college graduation, Steven was relaxed as he entered the employee lounge to attend the late-afternoon welcoming reception for his new supervisor, Kristin.At the reception, Kristen circulated through the room, introducing herself to her new direct reports and asking each of them if they had suggestions that would help make the accounts payable department a better place to work. When she approached Steven, he told her about something that had been on his mind lately: that people seemed to gain promotions and be given paid overtime opportunities based on who liked them, and not on the quality of their work. Kristen politely thanked him for his comment and noted that she would look into it.Upon his arrival at work the next day, Kristen called Steven into her office. As he sat down, Kristen said, “I will not tolerate individuals in this organization who are not good team players. Yesterday afternoon you led me to believe that there are people in this office who are not acting in the best interests of this company. I want you to tell me the names of the managers you were referring to, or I’ve got to think that you’re part of the problems around here.”Stunned by both the tone and content of her statement, Steven tried to think of a way to respond. Place yourself in the position of Steven and respond to the following:Describe the ethical dilemma that Steven is facing and identify the relevant stakeholders.Analyze Steven’s ethical dilemma from the perspective of each of the following decision-making approaches:Consequentialist:Deontological:Virtue Ethics:What should Steven do? Justify your answer based on your analysis in Question 2

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