10. write 350 – 450 words about reading reflection.


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Corporate Duty
• Michael Bloomberg and George Soros, “Our Brothers Keeper” Politico
• Kimberlee Crenshaw, “The Girls Obama Forgot,” New York Times, 7/29/2014.
• Dorian O. Burton and Brian C.B. Barnes, “Paid in Full: How to Reorient
Investments for Justice-Oriented Collective Action and Impact,” SSIR, 12/5/2017.
• Ryan Schlegel, Pennies for Progress: A Decade of Boom for Philanthropy, A
Bust for Social
Justice (National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy, 11/23/16).
• Darren Walker, “Justice Over Greatness: Threats to Truth and Justice are
Mounting, How Should
We Respond,” Latest News (Ford Foundation, 1/17/2018).
• Ed Skloot, “The Gated Community,” Alliance Magazine, 9/1/2011 • Oliver Zunz,
Chapter 9 and Conclusion
Reading reflection: about your reflections to the above readings.
It is critically important that you find what is meaningful to you from the readings, not what you
think I’m looking for. What stands out to you, what surprises you, what helps you understand
something you’ve been struggling with, what has changed your mind, what is inconsistent or
contradictory about the readings as a whole? Use these questions in addition to the guiding
questions to sharpen your focus. There are to write between 350 – 500 words. I expect them to
be proofread and coherent. Use parenthetical citations to denote quotes or ideas from the
readings. All outside material, should you decide to use any, should be footnoted using the
Chicago Manual of Style.

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