****PLEASE READ**** The majority of this is done, it’s just missing the comparative assessment that is shown in the grading rubric attached. The document is attached, you just need to add the comparative assessment to it.InstructionsYour boss needs you to develop an employee assessment survey that consists of 10 questions and will be administered through email to all employees. She hands you the following requirements that must be addressed within the survey:
Integrating a Likert scale
Identifying technical competencies on ERP systems
Examining skill depth within financial services
Reviewing overall knowledge of HR legal compliance
Understanding depth of product knowledge
Comprehending engineering technical abilities
Gathering information on general shipping knowledge
Identifying interest in future leaders
Your job is to submit your boss the questionnaire that contains 10 specific questions that integrate the requirements above along with any other necessary pieces of information you believe would add value to understanding the employees’ feelings about their operational knowledge and capabilities.Additionally, you need to submit a one-page summary that includes an introduction showcasing an understanding of internal assessments. Within the body of the paper, provide comparative research to other possible external surveys. Lastly, within the conclusion, discuss why your survey will add operational value to the organization.


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Internal Assessment Survey for Amazon
Samantha Crocker
Rasmussen College
An Internal Assessment Survey for Amazon’s Staff
This Survey is aimed at evaluating Amazon’s employee’s operational competencies. This
includes assessing how well the employees at Amazon are performing their duties according to the
specific standards. The Survey will help the company leadership to establish the skills that the staff
have, and those are lacking to come up with ways of filling the identified knowledge gap.
Technical Competencies on ERP Systems.
Question 1: How would you rate your understanding of the following ERP elements?
Kindly respond to these statements rated with a 5-point scale as shown: 1= Strongly Disagree, 2=
Disagree, 3= Not Sure, 4=Agree and 5=Strongly Agree
The ERP system has a user-friendly
interface that is easy to navigate.
The training received on how to operate
the system was thorough and exhaustive
I am satisfied with my data management
ability in the system including the
processing of orders and financial
I can set up and change my password
with ease.
Strongly Disagree Not
Skills in Financial Services
This Section evaluates the employee knowledge of financial services in the company. Kindly
respond to the statements using the most appropriate choice. Use the 5point scale of 1= Strongly
Disagree 2= Disagree 3= Neutral 4= Strongly Agree 5= Agree
Question 2: How well are the financial services offered at Amazon?
Financial Service
Strongly Disagree Not
I can utilize an ERP application to
perform sales transactions
I am aware of the different financial
transactions in the company
Auditing reports and financial
statements are always made available to
the employees
The firm’s financial managers are well
trained and experienced.
Question 3: The human resources keeps employees updated on the HR legal policies.
Answer: Yes/ Not Sure/ No
Question 4: Does the company offer compliance training to the HR staff?
Answer: Yes/No
Question 5: How often does the company conduct product training?
a. Weekly
b. Every month
c. Annually
d. Never
Question 6: How efficient are the systems used in operations at Amazon?
a. Very Efficient
b. Efficient
c. Neutral
d. Inefficient
e. Very Inefficient
Question 7: How would you rate the ability of the engineers working at Amazon? Use a scale of
1-5 where 1 represents highly experienced and 5 less experienced.
Question 8: What type of shipping is mostly used by the company?
a. Parcel
b. Letter
c. Excessive Shipment
Question 9: How would you rate the shipment tracking system used by Amazon?
a. Good
b. Excellent
c. Neutral
d. Bad
Question 10: What skills do you think the future leader should have? Select in the order of
importance with 1 showing most important and 5 least important.
Conflict Resolution
Problem Solving
A Summary of Internal Assessment and its Importance
An internal assessment refers to an evaluation of operations taking place within a company
to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the company (Gordon, n.d.). Internal assessments
involve taking a survey of both the physical and human resources, an assessment of clients and
stakeholder satisfaction and also the effectiveness of the company management. The assessment
process is important to companies given that it helps in measuring the quality of leadership,
efficiency and effectiveness of operations within an organization as well as establishing the level
of compliance to the law, policies and regulations (MMP Associates, n.d). Additionally, the
internal assessment helps in promoting the achievement of company objectives that are crucial in
achieving the goals in the strategic plan. Internal assessment is also crucial for organizations since
it promotes process improvement through quality assurance. This is enhanced by improving the
internal controls in a company that include the administrative control, financial controls and
operations controls. This means that regular assessment of the internal operations helps to improve
efficiency and effectiveness systematically.
An internal assessment has been a crucial undertaking for the most successful companies.
For Instance, an internal assessment and analysis in Apple Inc. reveal its strengths and weaknesses
that are important in promoting change in the company. In this case, the assessment establishes
that Apple’s main strength is the ability to develop a variety of proprietary products (Khan, Alam
& Noor, 2015). The products include hardware, software, applications and services that are
integrated into the same brand, a quality that rival companies lack. Weaknesses established
includes a higher cost of the products which makes them only available for the upper-class
individuals making it difficult for average people to afford the products (Dutton, 2014). From the
internal assessment, it is recommended that Apple management should work on the pricing to
minimize their products’ cost which will allow them to gain a wider market share. The other
recommendation for Apple is to increase its board of directors to help in the effective governance
of the company.
Amazon will benefit from the internal assessment survey by establishing the effectiveness
of its internal controls. The analysis will be able to show the strengths and weaknesses of the
company in terms of its ability to utilize the ERP systems, HR assessment will give an evaluation
of the compliance level to the different company laws and regulations and also, it will help in
establishing the level of employee satisfaction which is crucial in performance. Analyzing the
different issues covered in the survey will create a base for change and problem-solving in the
company. Results will also help Amazon to discover the opportunities it could utilize to gain a
competitive advantage over other rival companies. For instance, if results show that the company
has experienced and able engineers, it could use that as an opportunity to improve the quality of
operations in the company which will improve efficiency and quality of services. Lastly, the
survey could help in solving managerial challenges by ensuring the board members make informed
decisions on the administrative controls that need to be changed to ensure the success of the
Dutton, J. (2014). On Sept. 15, Google Will Make A Massive Bet Against Apple’s iPhone 6
Strategy. Business Insider. Retrieved from http://www.businessinsider.com/googleandroid-one-launch-2014-9
Gordon, J. (n.d). Quality Assurance Issues on Internal Assessment. Chron. Retrieved from
Khan, A. U., Alam, S., & Noor, M. A. (2015). A Critical Analysis of Internal And External
Environment of Apple Inc. International Journal of Economics, Commerce and
Management ISSN-2348 0386. III.
MMP Associates, (n.d). Strategic Planning Internal and External Assessments. Retrieved from

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