*******Only need to write for the RECOMMENDATION Part*****This project is for a negotiating globally class, and is a presentation to prepare a negotiation profile of GERMANY !!! and to
provide recommendations for a U.S. international business person who will enter into a negotiation
in Germany! The direction is attached below under the project instruction paper! I also attached a link below, this is the outline for our group project, you can find some information from this link to support your writing! Also, the writing you had provide please also refer to the outline as well. (There is an outline for the recommendation part )https://docs.google.com/document/d/11CmukyGe3yFXG2…—————————————————————————————————————————————————————–1 pages single space, Font: Times New, Size 12. Please cite reference as APA format

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Bus 163A – Negotiating Globally
Professor Carol Reade
Guidelines for Team Project
The objective of the team project is to prepare a negotiation profile of a selected country, and to
provide recommendations for a U.S. international business person who will enter into a negotiation
in the selected country. The project deliverables include a paper and powerpoint presentation.
You are a team of consultants that specialize in international business negotiations. A client has
come to you, asking for help to prepare for an upcoming negotiation with a distributor in Country
X. S/he will be flying to Country X next month to meet the distributor for the first time. Your
client got the name of the distributor from the American Chamber of Commerce in Country X.
Your client hopes to conclude a deal on the first visit, and to begin distributing products as soon
as possible in Country X. You will provide your client with a negotiation profile of Country X,
comparative analysis and recommendations for a successful negotiation given the cultural
differences between the two countries. Make sure to bring in theories and frameworks discussed
in class such as Brett’s distinction between Dignity, Honor and Face cultures. Issues to consider
might include: integrative versus distributive cultural tendencies, importance of relationship versus
task, interpersonal versus institutional trust, high-context versus low-context communication
styles, monochronic versus polychronic time profiles, conflict resolution preferences, etc.
Report format
The report should be 8-10 double-spaced pages, including reference list, and be in APA style.
Outline components include Executive Summary, Country Profile, Comparative Analysis,
Recommendations, Conclusion.
Powerpoint presentation
The presentation should be about 15 minutes, and involve all team members in a speaking role.
Due date of report and powerpoint slides
Sunday, May 05, at 11p on Canvas. DO NOT SUBMIT LATE!!!
Presentation day
Bring a hard copy of the paper and powerpoint slides for the instructor at the start of class.
Team evaluation sheets
Complete an evaluation form commenting on the performance of team members (including
yourself). This will be used to assess what percentage of the team grade individuals merit. For
instance, if a team member does not participate or contribute, that team member would get a zero
for the team assignment.

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