* please i want you to follow the prompt :MORE POTENTIAL QUESTIONS TO CONSIDER TO HELP YOU STRUCTURE YOUR RESEARCH AND OVERALL ESSAY: If it’s an innovation, who are some of the leaders/organizations who have founded it? What are some of the reasons, causes/effects of this innovation,etc.? What has this innovation already accomplished? What do you think about all this?*In your research paper, make sure to do the following:1. Thoroughly explain any key concepts within your field for any unfamiliar yet educated reader.2. Create an original and argumentative thesis that fulfills the “5 Qualities of a Strong Thesis,” (see Module 4.5 ) and craft thoughtful claims (which will typically appear in the topic sentence of each of your composed paragraphs.). 3. Employ a problem/solution and/or cause/effect structure. Explain the root causes/problems of your topic, and the consequences or results to show what is being done about it. Then, discuss your own logical conclusions and assertive reflections. 4. You must conduct research and incorporate 5-7 credible sources (at least 1 must be scholarly a.k.a. an academic source . . . the online Grossmont college “LUCI” tutorial assignment, which is worth 20 points, will help you with this). Your other sources can be anything from: e- books, regular books, Public Service Announcements, news article sources (such as Associated Press, Reuters, The Guardian,etc.), TedTalks, organizations’ websites, etc. If you have any questions about the credibility of a source, you should check with me before using it in your essay.5. In your conclusion, and elsewhere in your paper as appropriate, connect these concepts to your own experiences and identity and what you hope to accomplish when you get into your field. Consider discussing any pre-conceived notions you have had prior to doing your research.Also, consider real world application, and make speculations on what might be done, moving forward. Should people continue to strive to be innovative within the field? Or can certain implemented (ethical) practices or strategies make a difference? Ask yourself “big” questions when you begin the research, and try to answer them in your conclusion. ****** PLEASE READ THIS AND ANSWER BECAUSE I WANT TO GET GOOD GRADE. Grading Rubric Sheet:Criteria:1.In the introduction, engage us with the “larger conversation”/ “heart of the matter.” Present your purpose (what you are setting out to do) and why. Don’t forget to include relevant context for your particular field of choice.(10 POINTS )2. Establish a clear, substantially crafted thesis that covers the major points you will discuss and analyze in your essay. It should reflect the structure of your paper and the “5 Qualities of a Strong Thesis.” Your assertive voice should emerge in your thesis. You are welcome to acknowledge a counterargument within your argument, but this is not required. (10 POINTS ) 3. Craft clear, substantially crafted topic sentences (your claims) for each body paragraph. Your topic sentences should vary; for example, in each body paragraph, you might address the history of an issue within your field , factors that contribute to the problem, testimonies, counterarguments, progress that has been made, etc. (10 POINTS )4. Effectively use evidence— direct quotations and paraphrasing –to support your main argument. Adequately introduce and correctly cite a range of evidence types (testimonies, factual data, historical anecdotes, expert opinions, etc.) (25 POINTS )5. Analysis: synthesize ideas, draw conclusions, and present original insights. Respond to the prompt question, demonstrating that you have thoroughly researched this topic and thought critically about an ethical issue and/or innovative trend, as well as solutions/consequences. (30 POINTS ) 6. Use an effective structure that smoothly and logically guides the reader from one idea to the next. Include a range of transitional words and expressions where appropriate. ( 10 POINTS )7. Have thoroughly edited your paper. Adhere to MLA format, length requirement, grammar, and sentence structure. Include a proper Works Cited page.(15 POINTS )8. Thoughtfully and eloquently conclude your discussion. Comment on the significance of your essay and the topic at hand. Consider “real world application” and/or personal connections in your general closure. How might this topic affect you later on once you are employed within this field? Should people continue to strive to be innovative within the field? Or can certain implemented (ethical) practices or strategies make a difference? (10 POINTS )9. Include 5-7 credible outside texts— in a range of genres/types— and give the reader a brief summary of these sources. The writer has included at least one scholarly/academic source.(20 POINTS )10. A strong, assertive voice and style will be considered here. Use first person (I/We) and third person (he/she/they) when appropriate. Maintain a formal, serious,and academic tone. Avoid wordiness and use present tense when discussing texts. (10 POINTS )TOTAL PONITS (150 )- All the requirements i gave just follow what she wants .- whatever you got DONT FORGET to “…” with his name please even if you not sure it’s his / her word just put in case . – Length: 5-7 pages (double spaced, MLA format).

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