1. What is the difference between resources and capabilities? Explain using a specific example from a company that is of interest to you. How can you determine if a resource or capability can be the source of a competitive advantage?2. Select a company and perform a SWOT analysis. Prepare both a SWOT matrix and an in-depth discussion of the matrix. Explain how it can use its strengths to take advantage of opportunities or mitigate some of the threats you have identified.3. Locate a recent news or journal article that is an example of one of the strategies discuss in this module and post a link to that article. Discuss the actions that were taken by the company and tie them back to one or more of the strategies discussed in this module. What is business ethics? Why should a company’s strategies be ethical? In addition, describe why it is important to consider the Saint Leo core value of responsible stewardship when developing a strategy. How did your company’s strategy exemplify responsible stewardship?4/5. Research a company that has recently expanded internationally. Apply the PESTEL model to discuss some of the risks and issues that the company had to consider prior to making the decision to expand and how that may have impacted the mode of entry (export, license, franchise, etc.). What considerations had to be given to the host country’s culture prior to making the decision to expand? How did those considerations impact the type of strategy it employed (e.g. multi-domestic, global, or transnational)?6.Perform a formal Driving Forces Analysis (DFA) based on the process contained in this week’s reading. Choose an industry and clearly explain the following:Clearly identify the driving forces. Separate them into more / less important or relevant causes of change in the industryDetermine the impact of each force on the industry – which force(s) has(have) the greatest impact on the industry.Be sure to adequately explain the ‘how’ and ‘why’ behind your rationale. 7. After going over this module’s readings, develop a game plan for a company in today’s new business environment. Describe specific steps that the organization can take to improve its ability to effectively and successfully compete in this ever-changing global marketplace. Be sure to appropriately reference your recommendations.

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