********* please respond to the discussion below add citations and references 🙂 **********reading a study helps in the integration of rigorous and unbiased information sources. As one reads a particular study, questions arise. The possible questions for the presented research include that of, what are the limitations of the study. The authors of the study have identified the limitations of their research and include the generalizability of the findings and the failure of the data to represent the rich description of a phenomenon as well as the reflection of the frequency of words instead of interpretation gathered from narratives. Identification of research limitation is essential because it places the findings in contexts as well as the interpretation of the validity of scientific work and the ascribing of the credibility of the research. The second question to ask in the study is, what are the dependent and independent variables in the study. Variables are essential in a study since that guide a researcher to pursue the study with utmost curiosity. Their essentialities are evident in their driving of the research process and giving it focus. The final question is that of, what are the recommendations of the study. Most research contains a conclusion and recommendation section as depicted in the presented research. The researcher recommends the need to investigate on pain management of the vulnerable women to add to their experiences from high-dependence care. There is also the recommendation of further research to build knowledge around the experiences of women in high-dependence maternal care. Recommendations are essential in research since they suggest ways through which future work overcomes the problems the research went through thus increasing their accuracy.ReferenceHauck, Y., Lewis, L., Overing, H., Poletti, C., Barnes, C., Black, N., & Kingwell, E. (2019). Research Article Women’s experience of maternity high-dependency care following a complicated birth: A cross-sectional study. Intensive and Critical Care Nursing, 1-6.

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