2,500 word essay about Russia’s alleged interference with the 2016 elections. Essay must be organized around the questions below:

Do you think that Russia (Russian government or some non-government “activists”) has/have deliberately attempted to interfere in the 2016 US elections? What facts or opinions will you use to support our view?
Does this article provide any substantiated (or at least reasonable) ideas or facts to support our opinion about the Moscow’s—alleged or real—interference? 
With witch points of the article do you agree and which ones are you likely to challenge? 
Do you think that f v have the right to influence elections in other countries? Feel free to define “influence” in you own way. 
Does the world need a special agreement or law that would limit the foreign governments’ interference in other countries’ national elections? 
What types of responses should the US’ government develop to prevent possible interferences in presidential elections in 2020 (regardless of whether the interference has occurred in 2016)?

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