– please write a two-page extended abstract of the paper outlining your key arguments !! (SEPERATE)then 12 pages of research-scholarly sources only use atleast (5)-argue about the relations of the impact colonialism and black women in western world. can write on experiences etc.-Role of colonization in the analyses of black female bodies in U.S-abuse and rape by white slave owners-black women seen as sexual objects -how does this translate into todays culture and the impact of colonialism/ slavery -rape cultureThe research paper should be 12 pages, double-spaced. The pagination does not include any footnotes, endnotes, or list of references.Please note that this course fulfills a ‘Writing’ requirement so it is important that your paper is grammatically correct, you avoid incorrect capitalization, write in complete sentences, etc. A guide to writing a paper is on the Blackboard site for this course under the syllabus tab, please refer to it.Note also that there is now a strange tendency to refer to all books as ‘novels.’ This is incorrect. Novels are works of fiction–and no matter how fictitious the contents of some social science texts may be to you, they should not be called novels!

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