* Before this assignment you analyzed an article and a video ad (of a new Pomegranate cell), identifying the persuasive appeals and strategies used by the writer of the article and the ad designers. NOW it’s your turn to skillfully use those persuasive appeals and strategies when you are presenting your own creative innovation!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6IgoUwZQ6DY example ASSIGNMENT 1. Think of a new invention (what would you create) or think of a new feature you can add to an existing product. 2. State what your creation is and define 3 reasons why your creation should be considered as an innovation for patent! Purpose:Your aim is not only to inform about your invention but rather to present it with a persuasive claim that this new product is a great and very useful invention. Audience: Keeping in mind your target consumer, write an advertisement paragraph that presents your innovation and is directly addressing the target consumer’s needs/wants. 3.Persuasive Appeals: Present your ad paragraph in a way that appeals the consumer through Ethos, Pathos, Logos, Kairos, and Choice for Future With your paragraph, you not only inform about your invention but you want to claim (explain) that this new product is a great invention and should be patented as a useful invention. So, when you write what your invention is, explain how and why it is useful so it could be patented and made for the market! 4.Type 1-2 paragraphs (1-1.5 page). It should have a persuasive tone. It doesn’t need to follow academic paragraph structure but rather be an advertisement presenting your innovation and its use value (through persuasive strategies/ appeals we learned)

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