1. Question: Why is the transition to the middle game difficult? How do you come up with a plan, and what strategies are mentioned that will help you be successful?2. Question: What is “endgame”? Explain Zugzwang, triangulation, coordinate squares, and crippled pawn majorities?3. Question: Be sure to answer this by using these ideas discussed in Tao and from your own perspective: Why is “Knowing Yourself” and “Knowing Your Opponent” important in chess? How can “Seeing Ahead”, “Courage”, “Opportunity”, “Trust”, and “Mistakes” help you improve your chess playing ability and help you solve life’s difficulties?4. Question: How can the “The Standards”, “The Elements”, and “Intellectual Traits” described in Critical Thinking help you achieve this?5. Question: Which of these principles will most help YOU become a better player and why? How might some of these lessons help in life situations?Minimum 300 words.


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