“The curious incident of the dog in the night-time”-Reading for the projectThe course project is based on aspects of the novel you are assigned
to read for the course. You will write a literary analysis paper, which
should focus on three or more elements of fiction to show how this novel
is an example of modern literature in both theme and style. For
example, you might choose to explore the novel as a “genre” novel or
more closely examine the stylistic nature of the work. While reading the
novel and formulating ideas for a paper, ask yourself the following: What techniques did the author use to create memorable characters? What point of view is used in the novel? For example, is it written from the first person viewpoint or is it 3rd person, or even 3rd
person omniscient? Is the viewpoint important to the story? Find
supporting evidence that explains the unique viewpoint presented in this
novel.What are the major conflicts examined in the novel? How are the conflicts explained?How did the author incorporate other stylistic devices in this
novel? What was unusual and modern about the style? What is the main
idea or theme? Sometimes there are multiple themes in a work of fiction.
When reading the novel, look for clues that focus on the main idea or
point(s) that you think the novel is presenting to readers? How is dialogue used in the novel? Is the setting important in the novel? If so, explain why and how the setting is used.Was the title of the novel significant or symbolic? If so, why? Please create an outline and thesis.What do you think (from your research) was the author’s purpose in writing this novel? What changes (if any) do you think this novel brought about in modern literature?

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