1. Describe in detail the history of one of the music styles. Choose only one style from the list. Be sure to include these points in your response:* key elements of the style (use correct terminology and descriptive language)* important musical and social events leading up to and during the height of the style* key musicians associated with the style* brief description of important songs associated with the style* impact that the style has had on modern music history and social events* why the style is important to modern music history* your opinion of the style Music Styles© 2015 K12 Inc. All rights reserved. Page 2 of 2Copying or distributing without K12’s written consent is prohibited.Music | Graded Assignment | Semester Test, Part 2* jazz* blues* Motown* gospel* folk* bluegrass* country* folk music revival* early rock and roll* heavy metal* protest music* progressive rock* hip-hop* reggae2. Choose one artist from the list and describe in detail that person’s life, significant contributions to, and influence on music. Be sure to include these points in your response:* background of the time in which that person lived* important events in that person’s life* style(s) of music that person is best known for* important music compositions* characteristics commonly found in that person’s music (if a performing artist)* why you think that person is unique and important to the history of music* your opinion of that person’s music or contributions to musicArtists* Miles Davis (jazz)* W.C. Handy (blues)* Berry Gordy Jr. (Motown)* Mahalia Jackson (gospel)* Elvis Presley (rock)* the Beatles (rock)* Cecil Sharp (folk)* Rogers and Hammerstein (musical theater)* Russell Simmons (hip-hop)* Queen Latifah (hip-hop)* Bob Marley (reggae)* an artist of your choice that represents a style and has made a significant impact in the world of music

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