1 page discussionThe discussion have 2 part.Make sure you read it carefully and answer all questions.Part 1The Unofficial Poet Laureates of Los AngelesWanda Coleman has been called the Poet Laureate of Los Angeles. Charles Bukowski, most famously known as the Poet Laureate of Skid Row, has also been called the Poet Laureate of Los Angeles. Bukowski died in 1994 but lives on in his reputation and writing as the same cantankerous old dude he was when alive. We lost Coleman in 2013. How is it that these two, racially disparate as they are, in a town where, as we have learned, racial differences matter a great deal, how is it that these two share the crown of Poet Laureate of the city of (Nuestra Senora Reina de) Los Angeles? They’ve found a common ground, or at least their audience has. What are they doing right? What do they do that might set an example to those who have failed to unite Los Angeles?To help us “hear” these artists, I’ve included a Bukowski poem, above, and I encourage you to find and share links to Coleman reading her work online (there are many instances of her work available via MP3 sites, and rather than choose for you, I thought I’d give you a chance to see, or hear, what you like, please share a link to what you found). The Bukowski poem is not L.A.-related on its surface but it offers powerful insights into the personality of its creator. How does hearing their voices flesh out your understanding of our unofficial laureates and the city itself?Part 2Lions and Tigers and PoemsUse this space to reflect on the poetry we have read and heard and particularly the poems about Los Angeles. I invite you to share your own selections. If you want to share a poem about Los Angeles, be sure to introduce the discussion of it and include a link or the poem itself in the body of your post. Jump in with whatever feels important to you to say about any of the poems and poets we have read, but don’t limit yourself to likes and dislikes. Share what you like or don’t, if you must, and then move on to share some analytical thought about the works. Consider form, language, and metaphor. Consider author perspective.Some starter thoughts: Reznikoff and Brecht, like William Faulkner and many writers of their time, came to Los Angeles as exiles in one form or another. Reznikoff’s exile, like Faulkner’s, is self-imposed, we might say, or we might think of these artists as economic refugees seeking the freedom that money can bring. Both came to work in the film industry. Brecht also worked in the industry but his exile is political. How do these factors inform their work?Finally, please don’t be intimidated.Write in MLA style, singles space. You do not need an MFA to discuss poetry, as a reader, you are the expert of your experience.Respond to at least four classmates in posts

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