1.Choose a country in the Middle East, Africa, Asia or the Pacific that no one else has chosen. Submit a discussion on things travelers should know about this country before they go. You should include but not limit your discussion to: travel documents and health requirements for Americans, customs, language, taboos, and food. Comment on at least one other person’s discussion in this area. Feel free to offer comments on others as you may know something they did not know. Be sure to cite sources.—————————————————————————————————————————————————–2.The worksheet should be completed on a computer and you should use spell check and grammar check.Site sources used after each question – failure to do this will deduct points.Do not plagiarize.Ask the professor for guidance if needed.a.Give tips you would give clients visiting Australia’s outback.b.If you had clients going to Australia, would you try to get them to also visit New Zealand?Why or why not? c.Your leisure clients only have 3 weeks to visit Australia.They want to see as much of Australia as possible as they don’t think they will be able to return to Australia.What places would you recommend they see d.Tell your clients about one of the islands in the Pacific which you might recommend they visit on a stopover on their way to Asia.

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