1. We now know that America s first attempt at organizing government was not a success. In three to five well developed paragraphs, explain/discuss a minimum of three reasons for the failure of the Articles of Confederation.2. Through the 1600s and first half of the 1700s, the colonists were loyal subjects of the King of England. That relationship gradually deteriorated until independence was declared on July 4, 1776. In four to six well-written paragraphs, discuss the progression of events, which led to independence and revolution. Your response must include at least three specific acts by the British and the associated response by the colonists. In a concluding paragraph, explain and support your opinion as to whether the revolution was justified, or not.3. The colonists came to the new world with the ideas of the Enlightenment period as their source of governmental philosophy. In three to five well developed paragraphs, define/discuss the three basic principles upon which the new system of government was created. For each of the principles, also indicate an example of how the principle was included in the organization and formation of the national government.4. Formal amendments may be proposed and ratified by four different methods. Explain each of the four methods, which may be followed for a formal amendment to the Constitution.5. In a minimum of three well written paragraphs, explain the concept of informal amendments and how they differ from formal amendments. Provide at least three sources for these informal amendments and discuss how the informal amendments are initiated.6. Review the amendments to the Constitution. In at least three well written paragraphs, identify the three amendments which you think have the greatest impact on your life and discuss the reasons for your choices. In a fourth paragraph, write a 28th amendment that you think should be proposed and ratified. Provide reasons for your amendment.7. In a minimum of two well-written paragraphs, describe the process of apportionment and the way in which the process effects Congressional elections.8. Identify and explain a minimum of four of the powers of Congress, as listed in Article 1, Section 8, of the Constitution. Provide at least one example of how the power has been used. The response should be a minimum of four well-written paragraphs.9. In a minimum of five well-written paragraphs, identify and explain the five different roles (or aspects) of the job of members of Congress. In addition, provide at least one specific example of how each role would be carried out or expressed.

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