**Assess what skills and knowledge are needed to access these resources. (This is only my portion) 350 Words please I am attaching what the others in the group have already done. Here are the main instructions: Again my portion is ONLY #2I know I’m not giving much to work with but please help lol Assess organizational growth and expansion in a minimum of 1,400 words in which you discuss the following:IntroductionPortion 1 -Consider what resources are available for organizational growth and expansion. Portion 2-Assess what skills and knowledge are needed to access these resources.Portion 3 (Taqiyya)-Evaluate how you would use your leadership abilities to advance your company as an intrapreneurPortion 4-Assess how you would use your access to resources to advance your company as a social entrepreneur. Discuss both tangible and intangible resources.Conclusion (Taqiyya)

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Organizational Growth and Expansion
Organizational Growth and Expansion
Michael Easton, Kimnedra Luckett, Jared Richardson & Taqiyya Wallace
May 6, 2019
Dr. Raymond Delaney
Organizational Growth and Expansion
Organizational Growth and Expansion
The growth of business is a period in the development of a business at its conception is full
of challenges, obstacles, and risk to be overcome. In the introduction the following discussions
covers the entrepreneur’s resources that are available in the development of organizational
growth and expansion. The skills and knowledge required to gather the necessary resources.
Continuing with the evaluation of the entrepreneur leadership skills and ability to create growth
and advancement of their company as an entrepreneur. Finally discuss and evaluate the necessary
resources required to improve the company as a social entrepreneur. Identify through discussion
the tangible and intangible resources. Then will sum up the discussion in our conclusion on the
opportunity to organizational growth and expansion. Bygrave, W. D., & Zacharakis, A. (2014,
2011, 2008).
Resources Available Organizational Growth and Expansion
Bygrave, W. D., & Zacharakis, A. (2014, 2011, 2008). An entrepreneur’s efforts to ensure
the success and organizational growth in the development and improvement in their organization.
Entrepreneurs will need to consider the resources that are available for the company and its ability
to expand. It is imperative that the organizations financial growth remains consistent with efforts
to improve cash flow. For an entrepreneur to aces the resources they need is to determine what’s
critical for the success of the organization (page 58). The entrepreneur needs to demonstrate their
leadership skills and ability in understanding the required resources allowing for the potential
growth and expansion to their organization. The ability to maintain the financial stimulant needed
to determine the potential in the expansion of the company. Bygrave, W. D., & Zacharakis, A.
(2014, 2011, 2008) The company in its early stages of growth may be limited to certain options.
The financial intuition may determine not to grant a financial request to extend credit to the
Organizational Growth and Expansion
company. with little operating history and fluctuating sales. The sources for the financial
development to ensuring organizational growth and potential for expansion. The sources that seem
out of reach for organizations to allow growth and expansion early during its development. The
entrepreneur by using leadership development collecting data, performing surveys to help identify
new opportunities for seeking financial support with better rates. Bygrave, W. D., & Zacharakis,
A. (2014, 2011, 2008) Some sources in supporting early growth are investment from key
management, founder loans, family and friends, angel investors, venture capital, loans on assets,
such as receivables, inventory, and equipment, leasing of equipment, and credit cards (page 517).
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Tangible and Intangible Resources
Social entrepreneurship is a term that is used for businesses that tends to take an
innovative approach to developing solutions to various social problems throughout societies
(Nicholls, 2006). As a social entrepreneur trying to advance the organization, we suggest that we
use our access to resources as a way to focus on making a meaningful change. Our social
entrepreneurs need to move towards a model that includes our social engagement and
commitment (Nicholls, 2006). Through social engagements, we will be able to build upon our
tangible assets by building partnerships or alliances, attracting donations and keeping to our
Organizational Growth and Expansion
organization’s creativity. We will use our tangible assets to increase our organization’s market
value and work towards obtaining loans or selling our products to improve the firm’s cash flow.
We will use our intangible assets like our brand name and image to communicate directly
with our customers through social media outlets and by using the internet. We want to utilize the
access to our resources by becoming an inspiration to the public. Social media outlets will allow
us to post images, write blogs, and share our experiences so that we can build the brand to
become more human so that the organization can build loyal customers. Our resource strategy
will be built on the assumptions that our social entrepreneurs will need to look beyond personal
preferences and leverage our resources so that we are focused on continuous innovation,
adaptation, analysis while learning along the way.
Organizational Growth and Expansion
Bygrave, W. D., & Zacharakis, A. (2014). Entrepreneurship (3rd ed.). Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley
& Sons. Retrieved from the University of Phoenix Ebook Library.
Nicholls, A. (2006). Introduction. In A. Nicholls (ed.). Social Entrepreneurship: New Models of
Sustainable Social Change. Oxford University Press, (Pg. 1-35). Retrieved from

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