– Come up with an internet or e-commerce business plan- Objectives must be realistic and be creative.- The document should 8 pages long- Including the list of sources (5 max)- MLA or APA is okFollow this outline:1. Executive Summary 2. Business DescriptionWhat does your industry look like?What is your mission statement? Goals? Objectives? Business model?What customer needs does your product/service fulfill?What products and services will you offer?3. Market Analysis Who are your customers?How many customers are in your target markets? Are these markets growing? steady? declining?4. Competitor Analysis Who are your competitors?What are their strengths and weaknesses?What specific attributes does your product or service have that your competitors’ don’t?What are your sources of competitive advantage?5. Operations How will the product be produced or the service delivered?How will customer service be delivered?Who is on the management team and what do they contribute to the business?A domain nameHow will Web site hosting and development be managed?Marketing and promotion of your websiteMethods to fund your online business6. Financial Statements What financing is required to implement the business plan?Who will provide the financing?How profitable will the business be?

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