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1. Select one of the following professional fields to frame your discussion:
environmental or evolutionary psychology, forensic psychology, health or sports
psychology, or industrial/organizational or engineering psychology. How does
theory guide the formation of research hypotheses about learning in your chosen
field? (150 words)
2. Recordkeeping in psychological practice is the most reliable evidence of theory
and hypotheses provide by psychologists to their clients. Recordkeeping allows
psychologists through documentation of treatment plan to monitor their work and
to evaluate their clients’ progresses. Appropriate records can also protect both
client and the psychologist in the event of legal or ethical proceedings. The
processing of theory involves considerations of the hypotheses requirements,
ethical standards and other external constraints, as well as the demands of the
particular professional context (APA, December, 2007). The theory related to
documenting informed consent and hypotheses release of treatment and
assessment records, will mention which enforceable standards are relevant to the
release of treatment-related materials and disclosure of information arising out of
treatment will provide specific examples of what each enforceable standard
requires or prohibits. Will also provide a rational for proposed actions in the
hypotheses and why they are consistent with ethical guidelines and will evaluate
the legal issues associated with assessment, testing, and theory documentation in
professional psychology. (150 word response)
American Psychological Association, (2010) Ethical Principles for Psychologists
and Code of Conduct. Retrieved from http://www. Apa.org/
3. Environment or evolutionary psychology methods of administering surveys are
distributing to groups of individuals, mail, online and by interviewing. Distributing
surveys to a target group of respondents enable the surveys to be completed at the time of
distribution and questions can be asked and answered. The inexpensive method of
surveys is doing a mass mailing as well as online surveys that will be available
immediately. Lastly, surveys by interviewing will provide aa direct connection to the
respondent and a higher response is received. Theory guide the formation of reaseach
hypotheses for learning by articulating the responses and conditions of the environment.
At this time the data can be comprised along with the scientific reasoning of the outcome
of learning. Schunk (2016) explains that a theory that is strengthened for data and
supported by an hypotheses are supported by data may require revision if data do not
support hypotheses, (pg 11.) At which point other areas of research would need
conducted to obtain the same answer. (150 words)
Schunk, D. H. (2016). Learning theories: An educational perspective (7th ed.). Boston,
MA: Pearson Education.

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