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1. The Learning Theories text states that most learning research today is conducted
with people in field settings. Select one of the following professional fields to
frame your discussion: environmental or evolutionary psychology, forensic
psychology, health or sports psychology, or industrial/organizational or
engineering psychology. Pitch your idea about a research project that could be
conducted in your field. (150 words)
2. The research project that could be conducted in forensic psychology to better
learn and get a better understanding of the field is direct observation and case
studies. I worked as a coordinator for problem solving court for many years.
During those years I was able to work side by side with many professionaljudges, psychologist, social workers, detention center clinical staff and
attorneys. The interdisciplinary team would spend several hours discussing the
goals, proper mental health and substance abuse treatment that an inmate would
need before given the option of release from jail. Sometimes we would discuss
effective programs with in the detention center (what’s working and what’s not
working) for the client/ inmate. What services can help rehabilitate this
population? This is a million-dollar question that is still being researched. This is
truly a controversial topic, especially when the defendant has other variables
involved (diagnosed with mental health disorder, medical problems, and
substance use disorder etc.). In my opinion, such cases need direct observation
and a complete case study to be able to see if the services are beneficial to the
individual obtaining them. In the process that information provided by those two
forms of research will provide a great deal of insight-knowledge and assist the
forensic field on how to work with this complicated population. As we know there
is a revolving door to detention centers and millions of dollars spent to run these
facilities. A research project to give professionals a firsthand experience would
allow us professionals to learn more about what’s needed and also give us a better
understanding from someone else lenses. (150 words response)
Forensic Psychologist: Duties, Job Prospects & Education. (2019). Retrieved from
3. Sports psychology is a field that studies performance, behavior and athletic
variables. In the beginning, research focused mainly on the social psychology of
athletic performance, but evolved its focus in the 1980’s to “the psychological
skills training of elite athletes” (Becker, 2015). Our text explains that field
research can lack credibility because of the inability to control variables, making
results less relatable to other sports, teams or scenarios (Schunk, 2016). I think
that keeping a more generalized concept of athleticism can be beneficial during
sports psychology research. An example of one such experiment would be
measuring competitive versus singular race times. If a track runner is running just
to get their own personal best, will their score be better or worse when they run
the same length against an opponent? This kind of data could make generalized
predictions about competitiveness and personal-best scores. The research could
also be easily parlayed over to various sports with small adjustments to
parameters and details. I also don’t think that this kind of experiment would have
credible results if done under laboratory testing because athletes would be aware
of the specifications, and this could easily affect their performance in a way that
would negatively impact data. (150 words response)
Becker, L. (2015). Where it all began: the history of sport psychology
research. Retrieved from http://www.carolinaperformance.net/newblog/2015/6/24/where-it-all-began-the-history-of-sport-psychology-research
Schunk, D.H. (2016). Learning theories: An educational perspective (7th ed.).
Retrieved from The University of Phoenix eBook Collection database.

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