2 pages double space fix what the Proffessor wrote double space fix my paper and answer these question I will send you a picture My experience at volunteering at Dignity Health Glendale Memorial Hospital located in Glendale. I really enjoyed volunteering at hospital. People choose to volunteer for a variety of reasons. For some it offers the chance to give something back to the community or make a difference to the people around them. For other it provides an opportunity to develop new skills or build On existing experience and knowledge.Volunteering is an altruistic activity that is done by either an individual or a group of individuals through the provision of services for no financial gain. For this reason, in volunteering, an individual may often give the freedom of choice on what the service they would like to offer while on the other hand the activities are just stipulated. Besides this, volunteering is known for helping individuals to acquire experiences about some job they would like to pursue in the future. As a result of this, individual may offer their services for the sake of gaining but not financially. We will try to analyze the experiences that people have when they volunteer in the hospital.Different hospital leaders are out there looking for persons from different backgrounds to work with them in their service to the community. As a result of this, different skills are highly appreciated as they make the hospital to grow through different dimensions. The hospital wants a lot of people to volunteer at their hospital any passion they want. The want people to have an experience at the hospital. When one decides to offer their services for free to another, there is some positive benefit gain by both the person volunteering and the person or community served. In addition to this, this also helps one to make contact with possible employers as well. As a volunteer, one is specifically thrown into the field of their expertise such as medicine, emergency rescue or even education. As a volunteer in a community domicile like in a hospital, the above three fields are highly required. I.e. education, medicine, and emergency rescue. Besides all these, there are so many areas that one can offer their services in the hospital.Volunteering is not an easy job and therefore one needs a lot of intrinsic motivation to keep moving as a volunteer in a hospital.Volunteering gives one the opportunity to work with others in the hospital. These people are well grounded in the hospital. When one wants to become a part of a team serving under any position, he/she begin to learn about their work on behind the scenes. One gets to know others whom they share a common interest. In addition to this, when one begins to work on any position, they begin to care more about the things they are working on. This also brings one into learning that not any church is perfect and therefore some it is worth the effort.The second reason is that one gets to grow and become a part of the hospital. Instead of just taking in the preaching, offering tithe, and any other thing offered by the hospital, one becomes a part of it as well.Sometimes patients need help when they are in the hospital. This portrays a picture of a self-centered person who does not know the value of others or even value them. When one gets to work with other volunteers, it helps them to remove the sense of isolation and make the individual a part of the others through the constant interaction with others. For this second reason, a two-way relationship with the hospital is created and therefore all get to benefit.Is that you increase in knowledge, skills, authority, and experience from the activities done in the hospital. Many of the activities done in the hospital are highly related to the activities done elsewhere and some of these activities may be related to one’s profession. Also, one has done some of these things themselves, they gain the ability to teach others on how to work on them too. This gives one the authority and the sense of belonging to the church, therefore making him/her a part of it. Having to work with people may be a challenge for different persons. Individuals may have very good performance in their class work but they are unable to develop their inter-personal relationship with others. As a result of this, volunteering in hospital helps one to develop their interpersonal relationship and the way they interact with others. In this case, volunteering acts as a platform for growth as well.In conclusion, when one gets to volunteer in a hospital, they have to be highly reliable. Besides, when hospital leaders are looking for a volunteer they should be specific on the kind of a job that they would like them to volunteer in. for example, when one is looking for kids volunteer, he will go ahead and specify the duty, the time and the frequency that these volunteers are needed in the hospital. In addition to this, the leaders should be on the front line in the demonstration of his/her sacrifice.

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