1.In the Interplay chapters (13th edition) on Listening (Chap 7), Emotions (Chap 8), Communication in Close Relationships (Chap 10), and Managing Conflict (Chap 12), various aspects of relationships are discussed. Analyze George and Martha’s relationship and communication from the perspective of each of these chapters. Reference specific ideas and research from the chapters whenever possible. And be aware that some chapters have more relevant information than others. Don’t just mention a couple of points from each chapter–think about what is relevant to understanding the interactions in the film in each chapter. 2. Discuss George and Martha’s behavior from the perspective of the various theories of communication that we have discussed in class (IST, URT, Relational Control Theory, family myth readings). How do each of the theories apply? Which theory makes the best explanation of George and Martha’s behavior? Explain why. Make specific reference to the readings and lectures on these topics whenever possible.*using standard margins, Courier font, 12-point, double-spaced*each question 3 pages max

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