1250 words. and base on one article, and write a Rhetorical Situation essay. below I will give you my draft that i fail. u need to rewrite my essay base on my concept. i will also give u one good student draft. and u need to write the strategy and appeal





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Rhetorical Analysis of Research Paper
“Why do many millennial women read horoscopes?” By Emily Reynolds.
A rhetorical is the study that how writer uses word to influence the audience. Having a
good rhetorical is to show the most effectively appeals and strategies to persuade audience. In
additional, a rhetorical analysis is to determine how the writer want to express and what is the
most important. thus , it can help the writer to prove the communication and the organization. By
writing this essay, I hope I can learn how to write a fluence essay and audience understands what
I try to express to them. To make this essay fluently, I will separate them to different part which
is appeals and strategies. Too many grammar errors and confusing sentences and phrases.
Rhetorical Situation
“Why do many millennial women read horoscopes?” is a long story which was written on
2017, by “Emily Reynolds that is located in a magazine called stylist. This article shows the
audience why so many women read horoscopes, and explains that women read the horoscopes
not because of belief. The author, emily reynolds is a freelance journalist. She wrote so many
article in different magazine and put it online. Therefore, (because she put it online in different
magazines the audience is readers of Stylist?) the audiences are the reader from stylist magazine.
This article persuades us to think about why women read more horoscopes than men. (The
author’s purpose is not clear. Is she persuading the audience? Who is the audience? You have
said the audience is readers of Stylist—say a bit more about the audience. And what is the
audience purpose to read this article? What do they expect?)
Organization/ Style/ Tone:
Since this is a online article from magazine which is public reading. (fragment) It is an
informal article. However, it is still similar as a formal essay. How is it similar to a formal
essay? The document contains a big title with bold format and different font size. Also, it is a
subtitle that explain deeply of the title. Although it does not have the number that numbernize
the paragraph, it make it so clearly and flow by separate the paragraph. In additional, the author
want reader understand what the article is and being free to think about the topic. (This does not
connect to the organization.) The organization is easy to read it and does not have many difficult
words on it.
To development the idea of the document, author enumerated some other people’s
thought, and put some chats that inform the people are reading horoscopes. It will be more stand
out about the author’s position. And make this document more persuasive and fluently. Not
about organization style and tone.
You have not discussed style and tone.
Cause and effect
Cause and effect is one of the strategy use in this article. Cause and effect, which is
examined the effect, and show the result of the problem. In this article, author use this strategy to
answer why do women read the horoscopes, and what’s effect after reading the document. For
instance, author point out that there is a higher chance to engage with horoscope when people are
feeling crush, because reading horoscope can comfort them when they are almost giving
themselves up. The author tried to put her name and the boy name on the online love
calculators, even she knew that is nothing at all, she still thought checking this can essentially
lead herself on. (Point not clear.) Another example is Sophie Mackintosh’s case, author list her
life experience, for it is really affect Sophie’s life. “I was having a very difficult time at school
and experiencing my first crush (which did not go well) and I think I was just looking for some
kind of order, a sense that everything would turn out okay,” she says. And she went into a shop
and look at the horoscopes, the horoscope gave her a sense of purpose and hope. Thus, she felt
positive after reading it. Author use this strategy to make the document become more citiable.
Another rhetorical strategy that is used is exemplification. Exemplification is use lots of
example to elaborate on an idea. This article has lots of exemplification to suppose her topic.
And the subtitle is more and more young women are getting into astrology, it is an example that
show many woman are reading horoscopes. And it (the subtitle?) is getting more women to read
it. (This is not a good example of exemplification. The use of people like Sophie Mackintosh is
an example of exemplification.) This paragraph needs to be developed.
comparison and contrast
The author uses comparison and contrast. This is a method that show different sign of the
article. Comparison help to crate description with figurative language. “Even as a teen, buying
magazines like Shout and Bliss, I paid very little attention to the forecast in my horoscope”.
(This is not an example of comparison.) Even she said she rarely focus on the horoscopes, but it
can see the horoscopes show many places. Such as, internet, books, and magazine. So, it is
increase opportunity that people can read the horoscopes easily. And she points out one famous
person who called Sophie Mackintosh, which is 29 years old. She tells stylist.co.uk that she first
got into astrology aged around 13 or 14. “I was having a very difficult time at school and
experiencing my first crush (which did not go well) and I think I was just looking for some kind
of order, a sense that everything would turn out okay,” she says. (This is not an example of
compare and contrast.) She got the information from magazine. It is a very easy way to read
magazine. Sometimes the convenience store is very near bus station. So I can go in and check the
horoscopes. (This paragraph is very weak. The examples do not show compare and contrast.)
The rhetorical appeal she uses the most throughout the article is pathos. Pathos is use of
emotional appeals and show the value throughout the article. For example the author list
Mackintosh’s speech. She said that “Much of the appeal for me is on reflection and being
empowered to make your own changes, to examine yourself and gain a better understanding of
who you are, both your good behaviours and bad. it’s not about just waiting for something good
to happen, but trying to be more receptive to how you can help your own life, be positive,
harness energy or so on.”, (How does this example show use of pathos?) in this paragraph,
Mackintosh explain when she feeling lose, she read about horoscope. It really make us to think
about if it is a good stuff to read about it. Thus, this convince us that is not harmful. Otherwise, it
is a good relax stuff. (This does not explain pathos and use of pathos in the article.)
Another rhetorical appeal she uses is ethos. Ethos is author show the qualities, such as
list another people in the context. Lots of article has this part, this is more credible if the
document has ethos. Audience will not believe no outside source or no background about the
author. In this document, author offer more than two participants that like reading horoscopes.
And it help us to point out that people will read it, but they will not believe it. After this belief
show up, it is become more qualities. And people will not doubt it. (Very confusing paragraph,
point is not clear.)
To sum up, the article has a good appeals and strategy. It is a good way that writing a
rhetorical article. It is very clear and easy to follow up. Although this is not a formal article, it is
still credible as formal article. Author use the strategy successfully. She use lots of
exemplification and Cause and effect. These make the audience really think about it and follow
her mind. And she used the ethos appeal well, she knew that a good article should have another
people’s experience which is support her idea. This will make the article more evaluable.
As a writer, I learned that rhetorical appeal and strategy are very important and
effectively for the article. And I learned about what are those type of appeals and strategies. And
I knew that flow is very important so that audience can understand it clearly.
The RA has some content.
Ideas are very confusing, points are not clear and developed.
Language and Grammar is weak—confusing words and sentences, lot of grammar errors.
Italics= confusing, underlining= grammar errors, green highlight = fragments, yellow = not on
Works Cited
Reynolds, Emily. “Why Do so Many Millennial Women Read Horoscopes?” Stylist, Stylist, 15
RA Peer Review Form
For the writer: if you want comments about an issue not covered by the peer review
questions, please ask. Keep in mind, comments from your partner are suggestions. This is
your paper—you make the final decisions.
For the reviewer: Look for four sections – introduction, rhetorical situation, analysis
and conclusion. Focus on content. Keep in mind– a good RA will give the reader a
clear understanding of the original text, so look for this understanding.
(One paragraph that covers the following elements.)

Defines/explains what RA is.
Explains why writers do rhetorical analysis.
States what the writer (writer of the RA)
The document being analyzed is identified.
Rhetorical Situation
• All elements of the rhetorical situation have been accurately identified and fully
explained. No elements are missing.
• The reader (you) gets a clear understanding of the rhetorical situation of the
document being analyzed.
• Organization, style and tone are discussed
• Strategies and appeals (2 dominant strategies and 3 appeals) are accurately
identified, supported with examples; examples are relevant and the examples
• Appeals and strategies are analyzed in terms of the documents purpose.
Evaluates the document (what worked, what could be improved).
Discusses what was learned by doing the RA.
The RA is unified, and well organized; paragraphs are focused; there is
coherence/flow within and between paragraphs.
There are appropriate headings to guide the reader.
Grammar errors are minimal. Errors do not interfere with understanding.
Vocabulary and word choice is appropriate.
Overall: The RA gives you a good understanding of the analyzed document
Two strengths of the RA
Three suggestions for improvement
This would be a B+/A—The points are all covered and well-developed.
LLD 100
Prof. Joseph
Rhetorical Analysis of Professional Writing
Writing is communication, and to effectively communicate, writers need to make rhetorical
choices. Based on the rhetorical situation, writers make choices in the rhetorical appeals and
strategies they will use. A rhetorical analysis breaks down a piece of writing into the appeals and
strategies used to understand the choices that the writer has made. Doing a rhetorical analysis
allows a writer to understand how to make choices and write effectively. By completing a
rhetorical analysis, I hope to learn how to communicate more effectively with my audience every
time that I write. To learn how to write in a more professional manner I will analyze a piece of
writing in my field that demonstrates the effective use of rhetorical appeals and strategies. Gives
a brief introduction
Rhetorical Situation
The piece of writing that I will analyze is a four page article that was written on July 1,
2015 called “Vaccine Refusal”, by Pat Bass that is located in a magazine called Contemporary
Pediatrics. This article gives an explanation of the negative effects that vaccine refusal has had
on society and how pediatricians can fix this health issue by improving their practices to
establish trust with their patients. The author of the article, Dr. Pat Bass, is a chief medical
information officer. The audience are pediatricians and health care professionals that read a
magazine called Contemporary Pediatrics. This article is intended to get the attention of many
pediatricians to inform them about the growing problem of vaccine refusal and the ways in
which they could approach the problem in their own practices. The rhetorical situation covers all
the basic required information.
Style, Tone and Presentation
The specific style Dr. Bass uses is a formal writing style because she is trying to get the
attention of her audience which are pediatricians, so that they see that there is a serious issue
with vaccine refusal that is going on. This formal writing style is used throughout the magazine
article showing how it is a serious problem that needs to be fixed. The language that Dr. Bass
uses in her article is accessible to a majority of the population, but has some medical terminology
in it that some may not know. But for the most part the language that she uses allows her
audience to understand the main point that she is trying to get across. The organization of the
article allows it to be an easy read.
The development of ideas are presented in a topical format, with each of the subtopics
titles bolded in dark blue while the rest of the article is in black and with a summary located
under the title in gold. This topical format allows for an easy flow of ideas, because it allows the
reader to understand and identify the important parts of the article. Also in addition to the
subtopics being bolded she also places bullet points and numbering under those bolded titles.
This organization is effective because it allows the reader to see the variation of reasons why
parents are refusing vaccination and the variation of strategies that can be used to fix the
problem, as well as be able to take the given steps that are numbered.
There are also two boxes with in the last two pages of the article, which are both located
under the strategies in which a pediatric can implement, the first one is titled “A Well-Child
Example”, and the second one is titled “Documenting Parental Refusal to Vaccinate”. Both of
these boxes embedded in the writing give pediatricians advice on how they can communicate
more effectively with their patients and what documents they should be filling out to make
people aware of an unvaccinated child so that they can take precautions. The way that both of the
boxes are placed in the writing makes them stand out and unavoidable to read, which I believe
was the authors purpose to draw attention to possible solutions that may fix the problem.
Rhetorical Appeals
The rhetorical appeal she uses the most throughout the article is logos. Logos is the
appeal to reason, where logic and critical reasoning is used to persuade the audience that the
writer’s argument is valid. At the start of the article, Bass uses statistics to show how the
problem of vaccine refusal is negatively affecting the health of many human beings, especially
children in a harmful way. Dr. Bass mentions the measles outbreak that occurred at the
California theme park last February, emphasizing the fact that 76% of the cases 28 out of 37
children were unvaccinated due to parental beliefs (Bass, 2015). Mentioning those statistics and
showing that the outbreak could have been prevented if the parents decided to get their children
vaccinated, may get the readers to take this issue more seriously, and to change their ways of
approaching parents who refuse to vaccinate their children. Not only does Dr. Bass use those
statistics based on a recent occurrence, but she also shares other information pertaining to
pertussis outbreaks in the past. “Pertussis outbreaks also are more common, with more cases
reported in 2010 (27,550) and 2012 (48,277) since the 1950’s” (Bass, 2015). This shows how big
of a problem vaccine refusal is getting, that even with all the progress vaccines have made over
the years preventing diseases and illnesses, people in the last 5 years have become hesitant to
protect themselves by getting vaccinated, causing outbreaks with more cases compared to the
1950’s. Emphasizing these facts it seems as if Dr. Bass has used logos to convince the reader that
she is knowledgeable and has done her research on the issue showing that there is evidence
supporting her cause that vaccine refusal is a growing problem that needs to be fixed. Using this
appeal of logos mainly at the beginning of her article draws the reader into reading more of the
article, making them take into consideration her solutions to fix the problem.
Another rhetorical appeal is Ethos where the writer establishes believability and shares
qualifications, so that the reader can trust and believe his or her argument. Ethos is also
incorporated into the article at the very beginning close to the title of the article and throughout
the article with citing the sources that she used, giving credit to others where credit is due. What
the author of this article has done to establish ethos is that she put her name below the title of the
article showing that she is a doctor, that she has a master’s degree in science and that she has a
master’s degree in public health. In addition she also placed a brief statement of her biographical
information on the left side of the article sharing more about herself. The brief statement says,
“Dr. Bass is a chief medical information officer and associate professor of medicine and
pediatrics, Louisiana State University Health Science Center- Shreveport” (Bass, 2015). Placing
the brief statement on the side at the beginning of the article automatically gives the author
credibility right before the reader decides to continue reading the article and shows the reader
that the writer is a reliable source that has experience in the Health Field. Another demonstration
of ethos that is relevant all throughout the article is Dr. Bass’ use of reliable sources for statistics
and facts. For example she makes it clear that she is using information from a reliable source by
writing “A 2009 survey by the National Center of Immunization and Respiratory Disease” (Bass,
2015), before explaining the facts from the survey. Another example is also shown by Dr. Bass
writing that the following suggestions that she gave were from the Centers for Disease Control
and Prevention, after giving the reader steps on how a pediatrician can do their part and impact
vaccination rates in a positive manner (Bass, 2015). From those examples Dr. Bass gives the
reader a sense of trust, convincing the reader to attempt to change their practices to improve the
health of children.
Although logos and ethos are the most prevalent rhetorical appeals in this article there
also is a couple instances where pathos is present. Pathos is used to appeal to the beliefs and
feelings of the audience, affecting them emotionally. For example in the third page of the article
Dr. Bass states a reason of why parents are not vaccinating their children and how they don’t
think of the death of Franklin D. Roosevelt, to where his death could been prevented if only there
was a vaccine. “Rather than seeing President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s post-polio state,
parents today see celebrity stances against vaccination from the likes of Jenny McCarthy, Alicia
Silverstone, Rob Schneider, and Robert Rodriguez” (Bass, 2015). This example plays on the
audience’s emotions by making them see that this is a big problem when people are now being
misled by following celebrities’ decisions of refusing vaccinations versus listening to the
pediatricians using facts and evidence from the past on how vaccines have saved the lives of
many, lengthening our life expectancy. This quote also makes the reader sympathetic to the
people who refuse vaccines for their children. A …
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