#1Write a 250 minimum word response to one or all of the following questions: Describe the activity/reading you have planned for the students at Elementary School today. How do the readings and books you’ve selected prepared you for this meeting? What do you expect to learn from these students? What questions do you have for them to help you gather research for your children’s book project? (reading:Burke and Copenhaver “Animals as People in Children’s Literature”)
#2Write a 250 minimum word response to one, any or all of the following prompts:How did the visit with the Elementary School students go? What did you learn about your conversations with them? How do their answers and insights on children’s literature connect with your readings this week, especially “The Struggle for Meaning?” What are some of the ideas you are most excited about pursuing for your children’s book project? (We meet with 1st grader and 4th grader)
#3Write a 250 minimum word response to the book The Invention of Hugo Cabret. You can use one of the following prompts, or write about another issue/topic that inspires you regarding the book.How do the illustrations work with the story being told? Why do you think the illustrations are in black and white? How does the reader’s relationship change with the illustrations as you turn the pages? What picture was the most powerful to you? Describe it and analyze its influence on you. How can young readers connect with this time and place? Why did the author choose this setting for this specific story?
#4Write a 250 minimum word response to the book A Long Walk to Water. Here are some suggested prompts (you can address any or all, or write one of your own)1. How do the two plots of this book come together? What is the significance of having two threads? Is it difficult or challenging for readers to follow?2. This genre is considered historical fiction. Describe the benefits of blending historical and fictional elements in a narrative for a children’s readership. What do they learn from combining historical facts and imagined characters?3. The novels we are reading are becoming darker and more complicated. Describe the author’s decision to include more realistic (and grim) details in this narrative for children. What questions and considerations do children’s authors have to contend with in writing about more realistic subject matter?
#5Please write a 250 minimum word response on One Crazy Summer. Here are some prompts. You may answer one or several prompts. Some suggested prompts to consider (you do not have to answer all of them.)1. Describe the impact of the Black Panther Party’s summer program on Delphine and her sisters. How do they change? What do they learn? 2. How does the character of Cecile change throughout the book? How do we better understand her? What does her character’s portrayal suggest about the definition of motherhood?3. Trace the development of Fern throughout the book, paying special attention to Miss Pattycake, her poetry, and her encounters with Crazy Kelvin. #6Write a 250 minimum word response to the book Where the Mountain Meets the Moon

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